About Lauren

I currently live in Norwalk, Connecticut with my husband and our two young sons.  Growing up, I was always drawing, painting and creating and I adored my mother who was a wonderful artist, my aunt who was a carpenter and my father and grandfather who could make or fix just about anything.  While I loved art class in school, my favorite class was my 7th grade wood shop class where I discovered the scroll saw, the anchor of my current work.  The scroll saw allowed me to blend love of drawing with a love for building things.  When we were given the opportunity to create something from our own imagination, I designed and made my first wall hung jewelry display for my mom who had the most incredible, diverse collection of jewelry from her travels all over the world.  The idea was to get the jewelry out of the box, free up table top space and get it up onto her wall where she could easily view it, wear it more often and keep it from getting tangled up.  She used that first display for over 25 years.

After high school, I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where I discovered a passion for the sciences - specifically behavioral neuroscience, biopsychology, endocrinology and biological anthropology.  But after graduation, the desire to get out in the working world and gain my financial independence meant that I chose not to continue to graduate school and instead began temping to find work.  I fell into the hedge fund industry where I gained experience in Marketing, Investor Relations, Charitable Foundations and Compliance.  While I was more often than not stimulated and challenged by this work, I soon found that my thirst for more creative endeavors meant that I began pursuing my woodworking again on the side.  I continue to maintain this creative pursuit while raising my two boys.

handcrafted jewelry displays & home decor